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If exercise and fat loss are a plan in order, then you have some major exercises to like. The major exercises I am talking about are probably squats, bench press, deadlifts, pull-ups, and chin-ups.

I would first start with the squats. Squats are amazing for building your entire body, burning your fat easily, and toning your legs and back. If this is the exercise you like, and you take it up once a week, you would see a tremendous difference in how you look and improve your technique. Over time you should weight train your squats as well, to have a total body workout.

Pull-ups and Chin-ups

The bench press is another great exercise for strengthening your arms, and indeed your upper body, while it also builds your core strength. Once again, you may do this every week. If not, the frequency is not important, rather, the intensity.

Pull-ups are great as well, as you have numerous variations. The problem is that most people just use their chin-up bar at home without any additional weights. There are different methods to lift your weights. I prefer to use 5 pounds weight since it is much more efficient than the alternatives, such as 5-gallon weights or power blocks. At least now you can have the option to build up your weight.

Chin-ups are great for your core strength because many have focused on this exercise for the core and included pull-ups in their exercise regimen. Again, doing pull-ups in the gym may not yield much with your core. I prefer doing pull-ups by yourself on a bench. You could also use a resistance band to operate your pull-ups if you have one handy. Tons of variations can be found, and you should have plenty of variety when it comes to pull-ups. Be creative. There are so many variations it will be hard to get bored.

Chin-ups are groups of muscles you use to build your upper body. You have the upper body and the lower body, as well as the abdomen. Additionally, you have the oblique which is the sides of the upper body, and the lower body is sometimes referred to as the lower or middle trunk, depending on the alignment of the body part. The options for this are endless. A great option for your upper body is the bench press, which is an excellent exercise to build up your shoulders. Additionally, you can do dumbbell rows and many other types of rows.

The chin-ups are one of your best exercises for building the upper body, but you can venture as far as to the bench press for building your triceps and the deadlift for building your lower body.

The pull-ups will serve to give you new shorter muscles, phenomenal strength, and an overall appearance of muscle quality. And since this is a whole-body workout you naturally will gain an overall bodyweight workout or one double body workout.

Other useful exercises

Another great option is the bicycle exercise to help build your back and lower body, and since this is the cornerstone of the entire body workout, you can’t go wrong with this. The exercise will help to build your glutes, and core all at once with a very short period of work.

The exercise to build up your triceps is known as resistance training. This is essentially a standing push-up where your arms hold themselves Preventsushing into your chest and force your pecks towards your elbows. This forces the triceps to work harder to hold themselves up. You can do many different versions of the pushup as well. These options include close, close multiple, oblique multiple, cross over, and a combination of various versions and angles. Just use your body weight to ensure your upper arms stay stationary in the middle of your body.

The exercise to build your shoulders is known as the barbell lateral raise. This exercise follows the principle of forced contraction but is done by holding a dumbbell up across your shoulders in a Bok aerobic squat position while you kick your legs out to the side and back in a forth motion. By using the weight of your body as the stationary resistance in this manner you force your shoulders to help your arms by extending them and bringing the weight towards your ears.

One of the most important things you could do to lose weight is to lose that body fat which tends to accumulate on your head and body in general. And it’s not too difficult to do it, just go about performing exercises and building your muscles along with consuming nutritious low calories foods, and you will find that fat loss is not as hard as you thought it would be.

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