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Do you want to lose those extra pounds? What are you currently eating? I’m sure you answered ‘little’ and ‘lettuce’ or something along those lines. Poor food choices lead to weight gain and metabolic disorders. But there’s a really simple way to eat healthily and lose weight without dining on lettuce. You need to shed some of the fattier and less nutritious foods from your diet and replace them with more nutritious foods – fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. And it won’t cost you extra calories to begin by.

Essential food

This food type is essential for losing weight. They all contain the nutrients that your body needs to rotate between the 4 essential macronutrients – carbs, protein, fat and fiber, and lots of water.

If you are following the right types of food, you will feel fuller for longer, and your food cravings will reduce. The right kinds of fat and carbs will give you the right quantity of vitamins and minerals and also help to reduce your body’s fat levels. But you should realize that we all need a little extra fat, some extra carbs, and a little more protein. This extra protein and fat will give you a slimmer waist and hips and help you to maintain muscle tone.

What to reduce

Protein and fiber are the main factors in increasing what you should call ‘stored body fat’. The higher our body fat cells can store, the higher will be our risk factor for heart disease. As we need higher fat levels to keep our vital organs healthy, so this extra fat needs to be as glycerin often to function properly. So we should try to reduce the amount of fat in our diet by changing the kinds of fat we eat. Try replacing processed pasta with natural whole grain varieties, and white meats with red meats. Cut your large meals into smaller meals distributed evenly throughout the day; you’ll feel fuller, and your food will be less likely to be stored as fat.

Fruit and vegetables are highly mineralized vegetables with loads of vitamins and minerals. Best of all they don’t have the levels of fructose and sugar contained in sweets, and, as a result, are less likely to cause your blood sugar levels to waver too much. Once again, the best practice of adding plenty of fruit to your diet all counts towards your 4-a-day rule.

Your white meats should be made from free-range chicken meat which contains more saturated fat than grass-pedicle made white meats. I recommend these meats and at only one chicken breast per day, whilst sugar, salt, and cooking oils are made up as sparingly as possible.

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