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A good home workout routine can help you achieve the maximum results in the least amount of time. When compared to gym workouts, home workouts allow flexibility because everything is designed for you during the fitness process. Good home workout routines allow you to manipulate your body since the body can’t easily get accustomed to a certain routine. This is why it is possible to produce variations for each workout. This allows you to move from a high-intensity work out to a relaxing and productive phase.

This doesn’t mean that the body isn’t involved in a lot of these movements either. Every muscle in the body gets worked out when you perform fitness routines at home. A good home workout routine incorporates just about every muscle in the body, especially the extremities. The arms and legs are often involved when the body works its entire body. The home workout routine is dependent on your goals and your current level of fitness. When you start your home workout routine, make sure that you set a few simple goals so, you know you’re making progress.

Jumping Jack exercise

This is a very simple exercise that involves jumping in the air while maintaining your body position. This is a good home workout exercise because it is simple and easy to perform. This is the best exercise when it comes to improving coordination and balance. It is beneficial for the shoulders, back, arms, and legs. An easy and basic way to perform this exercise is by jumping up and down on a spot. This will help warm up the muscles that you were about to add.

The Jumping Jacks are interspersed with Squats and one-legged deadlifts. Squats are the most basic type of squat; they are much easier to perform than the other two variations. Deadlifts are an extremely effective strength training move because they utilize a large number of muscle fibers. Adding more muscle to your body will burn more fat and calories regardless of your workout duration. They are one of the best home workout exercises for toning your thighs, butt, and waistline.

The barbell rows exercise

As for exercises that require additional weights, the barbell rows are the most popular. These home workouts are incredibly popular because the pull-ups exercise an amazing number of muscle groups. A pull-up works the biceps, back, arms, shoulders, and legs. It is one of the stronger ways to work the upper body due to the variation in each repetition. Rows work the biceps, back, arms, and the whole larder region. They are an incredibly effective strength training move because the entire core of the body is worked.

The barbell clean and press is equally popular and effective strength training exercise. These home workouts do an excellent job of strengthening the chest, arms, back, and lats. They are quite challenging because you have to clean the barbell up from the floor every time you finish a rep. If you have to get the bar up from the floor every rep, the exercise is not effective since you are using the strength of the individual parts of your body instead of the straight-legged position that is achieved in a clean and press. Hence, this is not an advanced type of strength training exercise, but it does provide excellent results if done with high intensity.

To utilize these strength training exercises to their maximum capacity, you need to move your feet forward. If you try to move too fast, your form will suffer, and you won’t get the full benefits of the exercises. If you slowly perform each repetition, the movement will become easier, and you’ll be able to generate strength faster.

You must perform each exercise with proper form

Had it been for some reason one wouldn’t be able to perform each repetition of a strength training exercise the right way, but it is still far better to ensure proper form than to risk your joints and lasting injury? 35 strength training exercises, including reps ranges of 5-15 should be performed with minimum rest in between. After this first set of strength training exercises, you should rest for 60 seconds and then perform the set again.

It is best practice to warm up for 5 minutes before performing a strength training exercise. A 5-10 minute light cardio and stretching routine will help you prepare your body to perform with more force and a full range of motion. Going 100% will put you at risk of injury.

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