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Most people have some trouble controlling what they eat. It seems like a good day is making too many great food choices. Eating too much garbage, and not exercising can get you into a food-induced care booklet. You may be eating too much food because of a lack of water consumption or because of not chewing your food well. Try drinking water before you eat and see what happens. Drinking water before eating helps you with your digestion and helps you feel fuller quicker. Digestion starts the minute you put food in your mouth. If you start to saliva and “chew” your food well, we are giving our digestive systems a healthy kick start which will lead to smaller portions.

I eat more than I would like to admit

That is the truth. I believe I eat too much. I am a guilty cook. I love the taste of food, the aroma of freshness. My mom used to say, “You have some of everything, and that’s because down in there (in my belly), a baby is crying.” I was so believing that at 19, I could eat everything, not to mention, I would go through that time of year, and there is a baby in there (pregnant). So I ate everything and was still a skinny little kid.

It wasn’t until I left home to go to uni that eating became a serious problem for me. In my first year at uni, I managed to eat (cappuccino) every day. I’d have a couple of chicken or ham cutlets with a hand full of trance potatoes or lovely thick Breakfasts. I had a small piece of candy with my morning coffee (p pancake) and a plateful of Asian food for lunch (a pound of chicken/pancakes/rice/sauce). My stomach was beginning to take on a serious shape. I may have also managed to binge on some pretty amazing meals once or twice a week, mostly junk food. These were pretty significant contributors to gaining weight.

What is a health-conscious individual to do? What are the do and don’ts of healthy weight loss?

  1. Take a regular day to think about what you want to achieve.
  2. Make a weekly diet plan, which involves two weeks of healthy meals that are low in fat.
  3. Do the weekly diet plan BUT have a 3rd day where you can eat whatever you want, it’s called cheat day!
  4. Exercise by doing a form of cardio exercise or aerobics to burn some calories and to increase your heartbeat rate.
  5. Try and enjoy social activities, such as a social football game, where you can mingle and watch your team lose, or some sort of dance or martial arts class.
  6. Get up and make breakfast.
  7. Have a sufficient amount of sleep.
  8. Try and get as much free or cheap exercise as possible.
  9. Try and include a multivitamin to help the natural food products you may be eating to boost your health.
  10. Keep a food diary so that you won’t overeat.

Now, what’re my adventures?

Well, I became a flying instructor. I have learned amazing things and seen remarkable things. The aerobics have been great fun. I have connected with hundreds of local kids interested in learning to fly. I have managed to get five guys who have just discovered aerobics to travel together for almost three months. We did a lot of amazing usual things, but we also did fantastic amounts of aerobics. I was able to test out a variety of exotic and hard to find Preparantsmecho.

Another extraordinary experience was learning to play bombards, which is amazingly exciting and can lb your thighs and legs like no other game. The safest and easiest way to feel the adrenalin of being out of breath and getting fitter and stronger.

Like I mentioned above, I have written a school paper on aerobics for my Health class. During lessons, I love to do lots of kids run around a park and then carb-watch. teaching no big peaks or leaps buttons of mini-recycling. Teaching a deeper level that works well. pedaling and jumping, and using those wonderful little foot pedals get my blood flowing. So it’s no wonder I have lost ten kilograms over the last month.

So, how did I lose those ten kilograms? Time for a million and one (okay, actually it’s been a million and five since I got those ten kilograms).

  1. Start good nutrition.
  2. Do some exercise.
  3. Drink well.
  4. Have a good sleep.

What does it all mean? It all means step #3. And it’s a lot of things, but this is without a doubt a key component of it.

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